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eotech 556 for sale With EOTech XPS2-0- $1700 With EOTech XPS2-2- $1720 with EOTech EXPS2-2- $1750 With EOTech 518&LBC- $1880 Dec 07, 2010 · The Eotech 556. I got my of 556 Style Clone XPS 2 Holographic Red Dot Sight Tactical, Red and Green Illumination fast from Tim's Surplus, the serves was out standing he even followed up with the sale to make sure that I got it and that everything was good to go. Comes with an early rare EoTech reflex holographic sight and a Surefire tactical light with pressure pad switch The rifle and all of its accessories are in great condition Red dot sight, EOTech Holographic 556, XPS, ACM Holographic red dot 556 (XPS) is produced in the style of a red dot EOTech. Anyway if you guys could chime in on the Eotechs and give me your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. This NV compatible, AA battery model is the sight of choice As the owner of both an EOTech XPS and Aimpoint, I can see strengths and weaknesses with each one. The battery check indicator, up/down brightness scrolling and (programmable) auto shutdown are controlled by an on-board microprocessor. 1K-Tac Gas Pistol airsoft 2014 Sale Classic Army M15A4 Carbine Airsoft Electric Gun AR001M-X Eotech has done it again by making the best even better. EOTech 556タイプレプリカ。 ドットカラーはレッドとグリーンの2パターンで光度調整可能。20mmレールに対応しているので殆どの銃に取り付けできます。 コンパクトタイプでサブマシンガン、PDWに最適です。 LR44アルカリ電池4個使用。(付属していません) May 06, 2016 · Ruger’s initial offering of a piston operated AR rifle, the SR 556, was a good rifle but an expensive rifle. com Sign In DEALER LOGIN SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER Ade Tactical 7X Magnifier Scope Rifle Sight for Eotech Aimpoint 552 556 Red Dot. SIG MCX 556 PISTOL , in excellent condition, low round count , comes with Eotech , LMT back up sights, SIG retractable brace / stock and a few mags for the right deal . Founded in 2009 with a benchmark to only manufacture weapons we would personally be proud to own and operate. EOTech: The inventors of the Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) Advanced laser EOTech EXPS-2 Holographic Sight. For Sale: Sig Sauer P556 AR Pistol w/ Eotech, Veridian Laser, & More Ace AR15/Sig 556 Ultra Lite Folding Stock Set A320 $121 ***SOLD***5. Sep 30, 2015 · Damn, I run an EOtech 553 on my Sig 556, and just bought a brand new 553, and a XPS2. STS Magnifier Shop our catalog of red dot magnifiers! From the EOTech G33, Sig Sauer, Vortex 3x magnifier, Primary Arms magnifier & more. Discount Today: Click To Get Special Discount and More Info!! Jul 08, 2013 · The DPMS Panther Arms AR15, Magazines and EOTech Optics/Sight was encased and secured in a foam-lined, heavy black plastic gun case and was secured with the appropriate locks. I live in North Central Ohio and would like to do this Face to Face I am not to sure about shipping as firearm so (sorry). Thanks to all of you that order,and provide support to our sales, our products today is Eotech Battery  21 Jan 2016 LAS VEGAS -- EOTech, the maker of a once popular tactical optic, is trying to rebuild customer confidence that was damaged in the wake of a  25 Mar 2013 I got this scope new in 2009 for $579 and have used it on my duty rifle. This 556 night vision compatible HWS operates on the same CR123 lithium batteries commonly utilized by the leading gear manufacturers. Size guide Shipping Ask about this product  7 Dec 2010 The controls do not protrude from the Eotech 556. The EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight I (HHS-I) is designed for close quarter combat enhancement, combining the EXPS3-4 Holographic Weapon Sight with a G33 3x switch-to-side magnifier. The EXPS leaves tons of rail space available for mounting flip-up iron sights or a magnifier and the integral mount allows for use on 877-556-GUNS (4867) Local: 253-218-2999. Used with an EOTech magnifier, this optic is mission-ready and perfect for mid to long-range shooting applications. eotech, a division of l-3, delivers cutting edge technology and products in the fields of holographic sighting systems, tactical lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment. Dec 05, 2014 · EOTech recently sent out a letter to their distributors announcing two new Holographic Weapon Sights, the 518 and 558. They were the first company to introduce holographic sights into the market in the 1990’s, and – thanks to their superb craftsmanship and ingenuity – they have stayed popular and relevant with civilians, law-enforcement, military, and government agencies. Find more Good Sale and More Promotion for Eotech 553 556 Online reviews This really is Eotech 553 556 Sale Brand New for the favorite. Mar 15, 2011 · I purchased a used EOTech 512 from a forum member to use with it and I have a good bore sight for it. EOTech, a division of L-3, delivers cutting edge technology and products in the fields of holographic sighting systems, tactical lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment. I recently purchased the EOTech 512 w/ LaRue Tactical QD Mount LT110 for my Ruger AR-556 and LOVE it. The gas piston design has proven popular but Ruger chose to offer a standard gas impingement operated AR-15-type rifle in the entry-level price range. The EOTech 556 Holo Sight is night vision compatible, and can easily be partnered with an EOTech magnifier for extra power. Extras on carbine are magpul ubr gen 2 butt stock, RT-6 1-6 LPVO, lantac dragon muzzle brake, geissele super dynamic enhanced trigger. com EOTech G33 Red Dot Sight Magnifier is a fast and convenient way to get more range out of your professional-grade red dot sight. Within these ranges, these results were quite good for an iron-sighted rifle configured as this one was. Sig 556 top of line model with 4 sided picatinny rail, folding stock, sig gun lock, picatinny rail attachable hand guards. Apr 20, 2010 · acog accuracy on 556, acog flip down eotech, acog on a sbr, acog on sbr, best aimpoint for sig 556, best sight for sbr, eotech for sbr, eotech vs aimpoint sbr, sbr with acog, sigg p556 holographic eotech, trijicon acog for 556 sbr, whats hapening with eotech, where to mount eotech on 556xi, witch aimpoint is the best for 556 3 to 400 yards equals The EOTech 556 is the ideal all purpose optic for Law Enforcement applications especially when partnered with an EOTech magnifier. The reticle is a 65 MOA open circle with a 1 MOA aiming dot in the center, and incorporates separate aiming dots for the trajectory of the 223 Remington at 400, 500 and 600 meters. There are many options of EOtech red dot sights, so we created this guide to help you find the right sight for your needs. Find Custom AR15 Rifle Fully Decked Out AR-15 223 556 HERA ARMS, Anderson, Raptor, Magpul PRS, EOtech, Spikes Tactical in the Firearms - Rifles - Semi Auto Rifles category on eGunner Bushmaster Model ACR 556 for sale online. Designed specifically for the EOTech M3 Tactical Illuminator and its M6 cousin, this EOTech flashlight accessory makes for a brighter, longer lasting attachment to your favorite weapon. EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Gun Sight Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) offer true, 2-eye shooting for a better targeting experience. These sights combine the AA battery compatibility of the 512 with the side buttons and quick detach mounting base of the EXPS models. Gg G Eotech Hood And Lens Cover For Eotech 556 557 BY Gg G Eotech Hood And Lens Cover For Eotech 556 557 in Articles #Can you click " Today , if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up. 2" of rail space which makes it ideal for those who prefer to have space for back-up iron sights. Eotech Exps2, Eotech Exps2-0grn 68&1 For sale is a classic Sig Sauer 556 Rifle SWAT Folding Stock variant. SOCOM had something to say about the Eotech 553: To all concerned: The SOPMOD Program Management Office (PMO) is issuing this notice to all potential users of the EOTech SU-231/PEQ Reflex Sight, NSN 1240-01-533-0941, also known as the holographic weapon sight. XR308 Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) is specially configured with a bullet drop compensating reticle to make the most of the longer range and heavier hitting . The Green reticle is approximately 6X easier to see than red in daytime which can lead to faster target acquisition. While it is almost impossible to beat the five-year battery life of the Aimpoint, it is also easy to argue that if in CQB or running-and-gunning, the EOTech provides the fastest target acquisition and least obstructed field of view which is the main purpose of the sight in the first place. This clarity is fantastic; was able to easily focus using the diopter control to get a nice sharp sight picture and sharp image of the HWS 1 MOA dots. 00 (EOTECH is NOT included) Eotech 556 *Drop* $400: 06/11 10:35: Basically new Eotech G33 magnifiers for sale - One FDE and one Black: 05/20 19:48: AR-15. This night vision feature, along with the latest enhancements in holographic technology from the industry leader, makes the EOTech 558. Eotech is known for producing scopes with a much greater variety of reticle options, making them a better choice if you are worried about customization. a65 , eotech 553 clone , eotech 553 for sale , eotech 553 tan 36, eotech 553 socom , 553 eotech , eotech 553 reviews , eotech 553. FN Competition: 18″ Match barrel, Surefire ProComp-556 brake, Mega Arms M-LOK rail system and Timney Competition Trigger. I've already looked at Aimpoint and I prefer the CQB advantage of the Eotech than the Aimpoint as far as the field of view goes. The hybrid sight combo allows for medium-distance targeting or surveillance positions to tight corridor or room clearing situations. Sig Sauer Firearms Top Gun Supply is your source for SIG SAUER handguns, from the flagship models like the P220, the SIG SAUER P365 and recent designs found on the P238 and P938 backup pistols, the striker fired Sig P320 and the LEGION Series with the Short Reset Trigger or SRT. Search results for 'Eotech' Items 1 to 60 of 388 total Show 15 30 45 60 per page *Discontinued by GG&G, closeout item, all sales are final. Plus a 5x scope would be great too, but I don't think 5x scope would be prefered for cqc, which is primarilly what I'm looking for. EOTech Vudu Riflescope - EOTech Sale - Interstate Guns JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. eotech is dedicated to providing high-quality battle-tested product Bushmaster Guns for Sale Sort by Price Bushmaster XM15-E2S 223/5. A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle Night Vision Compatible - Works with all Gen 1-3 night vision devices Mount - Quick Detach lever fits 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails Side Button Operation - Ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier EOTech is an industry-leading producer of some of the finest red dot sights, magnifiers and laser sights, with tons of other high quality gear in their arsenal, as well. May 01, 2009 · L3 EOTech Decal Logo Dress-Up Kit for Original EOTech or Clone These Logos are perfect for any older model 551, 552, 553, 556 Jump to content Airsoft Items For Sale On the 556 the left side of the shroud protrudes a little because the electronic controls are on the left side of the sight. It has a battery life of up to 600 hours, is submersible to 33 feet, and has 30 brightness settings, 10 of which are designed for night vision use. A65/1 Military HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight … Quad rail cover system $112, five new mags $150, stamped official FDE soft case w/ HK logo $155, MS issue Eotech with NV nightvision button waterproof dustproof with quick release picatinny mount $615, issue HK graduated sights (not shown in pictures but included) are on sale at HK. The EOTech 516 Law Enforcement and Military Holographic Red Dot Sight has the same features as the 556, except for night vision capability. 5 Inch AR-15 Build Kit The semi-auto pistol variant is designed to deliver the features of the APC223 carbine in a more lightweight and compact package without sacrificing accuracy. 00 Eotech Holographic Weapon Sight w/Black Finish & CR123 Batteries Magnification: 1x Objective: 1. Looking for a EOTECH 512 For Sale? Quickly Find an in stock EOTECH 512 for Sale at over 2200 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! Get the Best  You save $70. EOTech holographic red dot sights provide a large sight window and precise reticle for quick, accurate, 2-eyes-open shots. I know, I know, those who swear by the J-Frame swear by the J-Frame, and indeed it's an awful lot of fun to shoot. Since we introduced our original patented EOTech Lens Covers for the 551 and 552, our customers have been asking us to develop models that would fit the other EOTech models. 5 Tan Kit, 1913 Tan Mount/Shroud Sep 06, 2018 · Found this fake EOTech on eBay for only $35, I knew we had to review it and compare it to a real $400 EOTech. The MPAR 556 employs a short-stroke piston action enclosed by a lightweight, free-floating, two-piece, hard-anodized aluminum handguard. Gives proper and true lower 1/3 cowitness, I don't know why I have never used a riser in the past. Jan 25, 2014 · + 375 for eotech 3x and FTS mount Register: sig classic swat 556 for sale canada, sig quad rail for 556, sig sauer 556 swat, sig swat 556 for sale. Sep 29, 2014 · The Burris AR-Tripler with included co-witness height mount aligned well to my old school AA battery-fed EOTech 912, but it should work well with pretty much any co-witness height red dot. com : EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight : Rifle Scopes : Sports We all know it's the best HWS money can buy so no pint in arguing that fact. May 15, 2019 · 6 models EOTech EXPS3 Holosight w/ Side Button, QD Lever - NV Compatible (200) As Low As $589. The items from EOTech that are placed on this page are presently discontinued versions and are not available for sale. EoTech | Tactical-Kit the UK's largest supplier of tactical & survival equipment for airsofting and the military, great prices in stock today. 85" Field of View: 30 yds @ 4" Eye Relief Eye Relief: Unlimited DOT Size: 1 MOA DOT Tube Diameter: Length: 5" Weight: 11. This tough little holo sight is just right for police, military, security - anyone who sometimes finds themselves in a tactical situation, the kind where you need speed, versatility and reliability from your weapon sight. Sure, they had a little snafu a few years back about thermal drift (where the reticle doesn’t return to zero if subjected to extreme temperatures). Up for sale is my DPMS AR-15 with Collapasable stock, foregrip tack Light, EOTECH as well as 160 rds of ammo and a soft carry case asking1050. Color: Black Fits / Used For: EOTech 512, EOTech 552, EOTech 555 Apr 09, 2012 · can you cowitness eotech xps2-0, do eotech exps2 cowitness with a2 front sight, does eotech exps 2-0 and vortex vmx fit on ruger 556, eotech exps2 co witness, eotech exps2 co-witness, eotech exps2-0 cowitness, eotech exps2-0 mount, eotech xps2 co witness sight picture, eotech xps2 vs aimpoint pro fast target, exps2 co witness, how to cowitness You will be able to have full awareness with both eyes open rather than one eye lining up the front and rear iron sights. Joined The EOTech 556 is the ideal all purpose optic for Law Enforcement applications especially when partnered with an EOTech magnifier. ### From the manufacturer A direct descendent of the HK416, the MR556 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch Item Name: FS/FT Insight Eotech MRDS mini red dot Location: McAlester Zip Code: 74501 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 250 Trade Value or Jan 29, 2015 · Instruction Manual EOTECH 516, 517, 556, 557 Sight | Optics Trade 1. 00 plus shipping to FFL Photos available upon request, will follow up with new photos-previous photos taken, files are too big. 025 Shim Aug 08, 2012 · The EOTech M3/M6 LED Bezel Kit greatly improves the already powerful illumination afforded by the M3 or M6 tactical flashlight. Hunting Heritage Sale The EOTech 556 is the ideal all purpose optic for Law Enforcement applications especially when partnered with an EOTech magnifier EOTech 512 Holographic Sight Review. Eotech Transverse Red Dot Sight, Black, Circle Two When used with HWS models 518, 558, 556, 517, EXPS or 516 HWS (with side button interface) the user can easily operate the sight even with the magnifier in the locked position. A65: $325: (Columbus) MSAR STG 556 EOTech 512 Bore Sighter Parker Hale Bore Sight Trijicon 61 Aim Sports Aimshot Laser Air Allen Amber Lens Ar 15 Sights Binoculars Bipod Bore Sight Kit Buckmaster Sun Shade Sale! View Details Add to cart. 1 result for 556 eotech eBay determines this price through a machine-learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. Make Offer - EOTech, 552 Holographic Sight, Red 68 MOA Ring with 1-MOA Dot Reticle, Rear Butt EOTech HOLOgraphic Sight with Ballistic reticle for . ### From the manufacturer A direct descendent of the HK416, the MR556 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch Sep 01, 2012 · EOTech XPS2 OR Burris AR 332/536 for AR 15? The Burris AR 556 has great reviews online, plus they are a lil cheaper. com: EOTech 511 w/Larue110 QD mount Hard case, 2-40 round magazines, EOTech L3, Timney 668-s trigger assembly, JP anti-walk pins Daniel Defense Ddm4v11 - For Sale :: Guns. My question is, should I zero the EOTech so that is precisely on target at approximately 10 yards or should I zero it at the more normal 50 or 100 yards? The 552 is EOTech's most affordable night vision-compatible sight and it partners with most night vision-devices. Mar 26, 2013 · I bought this in 2010 for an ankle gun and quickly decided that I much prefer my Kahr PM9 to this. For more Red Dot   Night-vision-compatible technology provides a radically enhanced sighting system over traditional reflex sights with ultimate clarity even in complete darkness. The Model 556 operates on the same CR123 lithium batteries manufacturers commonly use in law enforcement and military gear. This is the case because the Eotech's center dot is actually diffraction limited by the human eye; it is considerably smaller than 1 MOA and only appears ~1 MOA because the human eye is physically incapable of displaying the dot at its actual, much-smaller size (any point light source will always appear to bloom to the eye's minimum Selected: HEI High Energy Ignition Incendiary Rifle Ammo - 223 / 556, 7. L-3 EOTech has developed the SU-231/PEQ (Model 553), modeled after the ever popular, battle proven HWS design. Note that a red dot sight may provide you with options for reticle  Купить EOTech 556 в интернет магазине dlya-ohoty. 62×51) cartridge used by sniper and designated marksman rifles such as the Mk 11 Mod 0, M14, Mk14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle, M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle and M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System or machine Sig 556 w/ Eotech MPO II scope and G23 3x Magnifyer and Accessories $2850. Battle-tested by frontline American warriors from the Stryker Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, and 3rd Infantry, the night vision compatible Model 552™ holographic weapon sight is powered by AA batteries and fits on both 1" Weaver and Mil-Std-1913 rails. The EXPS leaves tons of rail space available for mounting flip-up iron sights or a magnifier and the integral mount allows for use on eotech 512. If you have a high mounted lower 1/3 co-witness red dot, you will likely need to purchase a separate “high” mount from another vendor. EOTech Holographic Sights feature a heads up design that allows both eyes to be open in order to maintain peripheral vision and depth perception while shooting. With a single 123 lithium battery configuration, the XPS provides additional rail space, leaving more room for rear iron sights or magnifiers. It is that rare EOTech scope that manages to be extremely conservative  These are modeled on the esteemed EOTECH Holosights which use hologram technology to almost completely eliminate parallax from the perceived reticule. Twenty brightness levels ensure  CLOSEOUT EOTech 556 Holographic Weapon Sight - Left side button activation. The magnifier flips out of the way when not in use, allowing rapid transition between a red dot and a magnified red dot. 5-18x, 50mm Obj, 34mm Tube, MD2 MOA Reticle, Black Rifles for Sale; Pistols for Sale; Airguns for Sale Archery Bows; Gun (Fayetteville) Rock River LAR-9 with EOTech 512 for sale. Easily linking to any Weaver or Picatinny standard rail, you can make good use of the EO-Tech 512-A65 65 MOA Circle-Dot Holographic Sight on all of your favorite firearms. Several years ago, I chose the DPMS Panther Arms AR15 Sportical as one of the many guns I have added to my firearms collection over the years. Also offering water 2014 Sale Ameriglo Sig Font & Rear Sight Tool - All Sig Models 2014 Sale Caspian Hi-Capa 5. Eotech holographic sights maximize peripheral vison, guaranteeing quicker target acquisition, faster follow shots, and increased situational awareness. For decades, GEMTECH made world class suppressors; we now proudly introduce our premier line of ammunition. State-of-the-art Heads-Up Display Window is constructed from 3-layer shatterproof laminate glass and protected by a rugged, roll bar-style hood. Finally, a line of reliable, high-quality, American made, subsonic ammunition at an affordable price. Eotech has agreed to buy back any and all Eotech red dot optics that users wish to return for the original purchase price plus $15 for shipping. A65/1 (Black) featuring Holographic Sight, Illuminated 65 MOA Ring / 1 MOA Dot Reticle, Buttons on Left Side, Powered by  Why Buy EoTech 556 HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight ? Electronic Features the HWS uses state-of-the-art digital electronics design. S SIG MCX 556 PISTOL , in excellent condition, low round count , comes with Eotech , LMT back up sights, SIG retractable brace / stock and a few mags for the right deal . I'm asking   6 May 2020 If you're looking for the best EOTech clone, you should check out this list down the best EOTech clones and EOTech alternatives you can buy while is that in terms of features and performance, it mirrors the EOTech 556. North Scottsdale Phoenix Glendale Chandler The EOTech is a standard EOTech HHS II paired with a 3 power fixed magnifier. It runs on a single CR123A battery which provides up to 600 hours of continuous runtime at setting 12. EOTech is dedicated to providing high-quality battle-tested products to law enforcement and commercial markets around the world. Despite the difference in design, sighting at an EOTech holographic weapon site is similar to sighting in a conventional show. I want something with a CLEAR reticle (My UTG Red/Green Dot optic is fuzzy) and it needs to be modeled after or in the style of an EoTech Holo or an Aimpoint Micro. This is a discussion on EOTech 556 good or bad within the SIG Sauer Rifles forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; I'mthinking of getting a EOTech 556 to go with my sig 516. it fits perfectly behind the Eotech HWS (with the sight all the way forward on the rail) and the backup sights. 223 remington, the Sporting model features an 18" match grade, cold hammer forged 1:8" chrome lined barrel, SureFire ProComp 556 muzzle brake, Timney single stage competition trigger for a light, crisp break, 15” Samson Evolution hand guard, Magpul CTR buttstock, Magpul MOE grip, and one 30RD PMAG. Rifles Airsoft Helmet Airsoft Guns Tactical Survival Tactical Gear Eotech Sights Scopes For Sale Night Vision Monocular Tactical Equipment. No AR pistols Especially interested in: Glock Gen4/5 G17 MOS Glock Gen4/5 G19 MOS Ruger MK IV Brownells is your source for Protective Scope Covers,Optic Accessories at Brownells parts and accessories. Offering true 2 eyes open shooting, a transversly mounted lithium 123 battery, and 7 mm raised base offering iron sight access, the new Extreme-XPS (EXPS) features easy to adjust side buttons and a single, quick release throw lever for easy attachment and removal. total would run The HK 556 for sale is an elite civilian firearm with competition-level precision and performance that outclasses typical AR-style carbines. EOTECH produces professional-grade optics, trusted by the world’s tier- one professionals, to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability. this makes it easier to adjust the controls when a rear sight, magnifier or night vision scope are mounted behind the holosight. com sells aimpoint eotech an trijicon clone the aimpoint for cost go with the strike fire cog ide guy real 1 i know there 1000 but fakes are not worth weight on the gun inless hot all features but eotech are diffrent there still parak and give good sight at 2 or 4 moa mines the 556 an i like it not an bright as mt 512 but no reason for 100 bucks if thats what u got not have sight Jul 06, 2015 · In this video I present you an Eotech XPS (556) style replica. Eotech scopes, while they don’t have bad battery life, will give you significantly fewer hours than what you’ll get with Aimpoint scopes. 99 Apr 11, 2014 - Explore CMC Government Supply's board "EOTech", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. a65 review, eotech 552 a65 review, eotech 512 a65 1, eotech 516 a65 review, eotech 556 a65 review, eotech 512 a65 price, eotech red dot review, eotech holographic sight review, eotech 512 sight EOTech 512. 56 rifle boasts a generous 30 round capacity, an innovative free-floating handguard with four Picatinny rails, a cold hammer-forged heavy contour barrel, an enhanced two sights, red dot sights - These sights are used for quick target acquisition as well as close to mid range targeting. 556 Zombie Stopper Sight Rifle Scope The EOTech Transverse Law Enforcement and Military Holographic Red Dot Sight is the shortest model available from EOTech. The SU-231/PEQ (Model 553) incorporates many additional features required within the SOPMOD Block 2 program. Whether you’re looking for a new optic for your AR-15 rifle, or a micro red dot for your handgun, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. A65 Holographic Red Dot Weapon Sight For Sale Online at Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Richmond Tx, Sugar Land Tx and Houston Texas EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight III 518. Results 1 - 48 of 277 Buy Holographic Hunting Sights & Scopes and get the best deals Eotech Holographic Red Dot Green Dot Airsoft Scope Sight Tactical Black Holographic Red Green Dot XPS3 556 Airsoft Scope Tactical Sight QR Black. A65/1 Military HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight … Optics - Eotech Holographic Sights - AR15 Scopes Valhalla Tactical Supply SALE. SureFire WARCOMP-556-1/2-28 The revolutionary SureFire WARCOMP-556-1/2-28 flash hider, which fits M4 / M16 weapons and variants with ½-28 muzzle threads, is the world’s most shootable flash hider. We reserve the right to correct typographic, photographic and/or descriptive  Buy EOTech L-3 EOTech HWS - 556. The extended battery life and run-time of the 556, make it ideal when battery replacement is an issue. EOTECH HHS III 518-2 WITH G33 MAGNIFIER Holographic XPS3 EOTECH XPS3-0 price and specs: #XPS3-0: Mount Compatible with both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails; XPS-3-0 EOTECH XPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle; Compact Design Leaves more rail space for rear iron sights or magnifier: #XPS3-0 EOTech XPS20GRN XPS2OGRN: Now with an easy-to-see Green reticle, the XPS is the shortest and lightest HWS sight yet. Jul 17, 2018 - Explore 🌲 Cowboy Safes & Outdoor's board "EOTech Inc", followed by 13074 people on Pinterest. The 556 has the buttons on the side to clear a magnifier, is more compact and has a 7mm riser to give 1/3 co-witness, and uses smaller CR123 batteries. The selection of LWRC 556 for sale at Omaha Outdoors features a full lineup of best in class rifles, pistols, and SBRs in the color and configuration you need. These EOTech red dot sight accessories use powerful optics to enhance the magnification rate of your red dot of choice by 3x, greatly extending the range and accuracy of your firearm. 556 EOTech HWS Sight Rifle Scope Tan The EOTech Transverse Law Enforcement and Military Holographic Red Dot Sight is the shortest model available from EOTech. This carbine brings you a 16 inch button-broached, chrome-lined government-profile barrel for extended service life. Their innovative approach to weapon technology even lead to the creation of the very first holographic sight , and they continue to craft top-shelf equipment for your weapon. Installment package available thru : BPI, RCBC, MetroBank (VISA & MasterCard) Contact Us: 09297427338 Apr 12, 2016 · EOTech 512 Vs 552. Looking for Sig 556 parts to complete your restoration project? Numrich Gun Parts has a huge selection of Sig Sauer 556 rifle parts and backs our offerings with the service and experience that you can only find from an industry leader. GG&G EOTech Hood And Lens Cover Combo provide you with a cheap way to protect the expensive optics of your EOTech Red Dot! Designed for the 500 line of scopes, these lens covers are made to fit many configurations of EOTech Holo Sights, as well as providing easy installation and a low price point; they are available with the enhanced 6061 T6 aluminum hood in a combo package. EOTech 516, AR-15 EOTech, Ruger AR 556 with Scope, SIG 556 Rail, EOTech Night Vision, EOTech 551, EOTech 512, EOTech Reticle, EOTech HHS-1, EOTech Exps, EOTech Site, EOTech Optics, EOTech Replica, Ruger SR- 556, Ruger Ar- 556, SIG 556 Swat, SIG 556 Rifle, EOTech Magnifier 4X, SIG 556 Holo, Airsoft EOTech, EOTech Models, EOTech L3, EOTech Cover, M4 Carbine EOTech, Ar556 EOTech, SIG MPX EOTech We carry red dot optics from all of the top manufacturers that modern users demand, such as EOTech, Aimpoint and Trijicon. , we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data to administer your account and/or to provide you the information, products, and services you have requested from us. EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sights L-3 EOTech Hood Kit with Screws for 512/511/552/551 EOTech XPS/EXPS Battery Cap with New Cable Tether EOTech 512 Red Dot Sight Aiming Dot Reticle, Real Tree Camo w/ Kinetic Developme Eotech 512 Red Dot Sight, Aiming Dot Reticle, Real Tree Camo, Free Batteries and 3. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. The product was specifically made to fit the exact contours of the EOTech Scope and its the only product we know of that offers a premium level of protection. While its products have respectable battery lives, you’ll need replacements after a few hundred or thousand hours. Red dot sight, EOTech Holographic 552, ACM 42,80 € Red dot sight, Aimpoint M2 1x30, low mount, ACM 33,60 € Red dot sight, Aimpoint M2 1x30, cantilever mount, ACM 35,60 € At typical deployment distances of 25 yards and closer, the AR-556 was as accurate as this platform gets. Will ship with Venmo,Paypal, Zelle payment $425 Trade value: $450 Will trade for: Would consider trades for 22LR/9MM/12GA/223/556 firearms. We will match any lower price found online! Standardized by the DEA, ATF, and FBI SWAT, the Model 552 is by far the most popular HWS model. Sale/trade looking to fund or trade for tactical optics like eotech exps and magnifier or trijicon mro and magnifier. at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Results 1 - 48 of 97 Get the best deals on EOTech Hunting Holographic Scopes when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Its patent-pending design provides three valuable functions: Sep 19, 2012 · For Sale: EoTech 552A65 Rev C Holographic sight: seawolf823: Classifieds: 0: 04-10-2012 02:45 PM: EOTech 556 good or bad: Walleye Wrangler: SIG Sauer Rifles: 9: 09-28 Description. After I received my EOTECH 556 A65/1 I immediately hit the range to install and sight in the Holographic sight. Skip to the end of the images gallery Aug 25, 2019 · EOTech viewers run on batteries and use the same technology as the heads-up displays used in combat aircraft and combat helicopters. XR308 Weapon Sight Reviews And now for some short reviews of the best rated entry level EOTech HOLOgraphic 552. 1 30+1 By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. S The EOTech 512 A65 1x Holographic Red Dot Sight fills the needs of all shooters, from the novice to the most advanced professional, ideal for field of view shooting. My M400 platform works very well with this sight and quickly discovered I was just a half turn of zero. eotech 556 for sale

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